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Rental Application

Tousley Property Management                                                                     
P O Box 626 Keene, NH 03431              Apartment Size needed ____________ 
P O Box 626 Keene, NH 03431                                 
Tel 603-352-9071    Fax 603-352-0425
              Date ________________________

APPLICANT _______________________________________________________________


ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________

Telephone No. ______________Cell Phone ______________Email:__________________

Current landlord: _________________________________________________________________


How long? ___________________ Amount of Rent Paid:___________

What is your weekly salary?___________ How much are your total monthly expenses without rent?_______

Reason you wish to move? _______________________________________________

?How many adults? ________ ?How many children? _______ ?Pets?___________

Who will be living with you?________________________________________________

In case of emergency, please notify: ________________________Phone ___________

What make and model are your vehicles?

1) Make___________________________ Model________________________

2) Make___________________________ Model________________________

Date you wish to move? ___________ Amount of security deposit you have? ______

Names & Phone Nos. of 2 references:______________________________________



Tousley Property Management, LLC is located at 160 Emerald Street, Keene, NH 03431.  Owned and managed by Toby Tousley, commerical and residential property is our specialty.
  •  Call us: 603-352-9071 or email
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